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Feedback and Suggestions from Stuart


Propelling motion: Stronger propelling motion. Small molecules not consistent with rest of the animations -> maybe use medium sized spheres (transparent) to indicate presence of molecules without showing what they are.

When ligand moves forward, grey spheres get pushed out.

Helper Molecule: Hooking motion might not work -> reduces the radius of ligand movement mechanism too much? Use a bigger helper molecule


Specific: 3 red arrows, 1 blue arrow

Any: all four arrows stay on screen

Closest: Same, but make distance more obvious. Bird eye view?

Web Module of Assessment

-> Aim to start, Apr 18th. -> probably 3-4 weeks

-> create comprehensive wireframe for all the things the molecule should have. ie: playback button, a checkmark for all the animations already viewed

Research on HTML5 video players.

How to stack different animations at the end of video like youtube does

or some other method?

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