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In this shot, the ligand is pushing itself through the EC environment towards the receptor.

What is the mechanism of an extracellular molecule’s movement towards a receptor

The extracellular molecule propels itself.

In the final version, the ligand would also be randomly rotating before it "propels" itself into the right position to situate in the receptor.

nParticles are in place of actualy molecules in the environment in this playblast. In the final, the environment should be denser? to convey the propelling action better.

In the original animatic, larger molecules were used in the environment for the ligand to push through. However, due to a later question on the density of the molecular environment, having a heavily dense environment might lead to some bias on that question. Small molecules will not be depicted in that later question, so perhaps they will work in this scene.

Problems with this scene:

nParticles increases render/computing time drasically. Scene is already slow even though it does not look dense enough.

Composition of the set up: hopefully by this question, students already know what the receptor looks like. However, about half of it is cut off.

small molecules are obscuring the ligand. I'm thinking of rendering the scene in greyscale, with only color added to the ligand and receptor.

Propelling motion looks jerky and unnatural


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