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Illustrations created using a variety of medium including: Photoshop, Illustrator, Carbon Dust, and Watercolors.


Animations created using MAXON Cinema 4D and Adobe AfterEffects



Focused Ion Beam - Scanning Electron Microscopy Animation. I collaborated with April Brust on this animation for National Library of Medicine/National Institute of Health in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute. This animation to explain how the FIB-SEM technology works. It has been published in Nature Methodsin October 2015. 


Narayan, Kedar, and Sriram Subramaniam. "Focused ion beams in biology."Nature methods 12.11 (2015): 1021-1031.APA

Explaining the Pacemaker - This animation was created as a part of the BMC curriculum in the introductory to Maya course. I created this animation to follow the leads of a pacemaker as they makes their way to their insert sites. Animation was created with the intention to be used as a promotional display for the Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex.


Models were created and textured in Autodesk Maya and Mudbox. Final animation was composed and rendered with Adobe Aftereffects

A short animation I created in C4D. I used atom array, a moving noise texture, and heavy depth of field to achieve this effect.

A short animation created in C4D and AfterEffects. The primary purpose of this animation to create a strong contrast using very bright lights.



Various graphic design pieces I've created for coursework and professional work.

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