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S10 Q1 full render!

Still has problems with particles going through each other.

Simplest solution is increasing npartical self-colliding radius however: because molecules are in vast different sizes, and we want to show the environment to be crowded -> how to make some nparticles bigger than others?

Possible solution via expression? Self-Collide radius vary via Custom Index #?

I have yet to find the code for it.....

Other potential solutions -> render in different layers? Use bullet system for the front most particles -> better collide calculations but longer rendering time.

Rest in the background -> use nParticles + blur.

Proposed solution: use different emitter for different nParticles :

write creation expression for RadiusPP

StartFragmentif (nParticleShape1.emitterId == 0)


radiusPP = 0.2;



radiusPP = 1;EndFragment

PROBLEM: how do I instance this...

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