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Gifs! S2Q3

It's a gif!

B. Based on your previous answer and assuming there are several instances of the complementary receptor present, an extracellular molecule tries to move toward:

Whichever instance of the complementary receptor is closest​

Comments and feedback on potential changes:

Somehow draw more attention to the ligand at the beginning

Ligand: move that towards the center so it catches attention better. Add shakey motion to imply random motion of the ligand, although overall movement is directed

Labels: Maybe now it is possible to move the text description to the top, since the action is happening on the top

Receptor label: maybe have it appear as the ligand moves towards the receptor, so attention is drawn to the label

Receptors -> If possible, maybe reduce to 2 receptors? For a better composition.

This way, distance between ligand and the 2 receptors might be more obvious.

However, 2 receptors might not be enough for other scenes for this question. -> can't convey intentional motion to a specific receptor

Couple aethestic potential changes: MB looks a little flat -> find a way to move the phospholipid heads.

-> xGen expression? (how to python)

-> change it back to nParticles? (slow and glitchy)

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