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S4 Update

General Setup:

Membrane and nucleus present in every answer, so the membrane and nucleus will be rendered separate from the ligand.

It can sense the receptor from a distance: Ligand will move

It has hard-wired knowledge: Ligand travels along a path towards receptor. Path will be drawn in aftereffects

It receives a message from else where : Signal comes from nucleus -> particle emitters

It can sense the receptor when it is close to it : wobbly signaling from receptor.

Problems: :'( the new displacement expression for xgen looks strange once animated

I've used a sine expression for movement over time.

For twist:

$a = ((25 - $frame) / 24);

rand(-180, 180) + sind($a * 360 + 90) * rand(0, 120)

For animated displacement offset:

$a = ((25 - $frame) / 24);

rand(-1, 1) + 2*sind($a * 360 + 90) * rand(-2, 3)

what ended up happening was that everything ended up moving in a rhythm.... D:

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