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S10 Q1 Re-make

For the question: J.Inside a cell, large molecules are densely crowded so much so that the average distance between two macromolecules is typically less than the width of a single macromolecule

Changes made:

Scene is relit so that overall the scene is bright

Different material + colors added to molecules within the scene -> individual macromolecules can be differentiated from each other

Removal of small molecules -> scene will no longer have arbituary water molecules (reasons: less distractions, not accurately density of small molecules anyway)

movement of molecues -> much calmer and consistance -> no more molecules jumping and rotating out of controlly

Things to consider:

Composition -> backlit using depth pass? Or Dark Fog? to remain consistent with other scenes

nParticles -> per particle radius change : large molecules overlap with smaller molecules. Small molecules have too much gap between each other.

Edit: what the scene looks like after color adjustments

Update: first full size render! Everything is nice and defined

Extra: it almost became a really dissappointing easter egg hunt

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