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Visualization of the Adult Rodent Lateral Ventricles

Project Description:

The rodent lateral ventricles are an area of interest due to its potential on neural differentiation even in adulthood. Current research done on this subject is rapidly adding on to what we know about this region and the cells it is composed of. The functionality the niche differs throughout the ventricle depending on which domain it falls into. The primary goal of this illustration is to depict the most current knowledge of all the cell types in this niche and the domains that the niche divides into. Domains are categorized based on the cell types found within it, how the cells are organized, and its cell signaling mechanisms. This illustration is intended to be used as a page spread for a textbook, with figures and labels adding to the main illustration.


Client: Dave Mazierski | Cindi Morshead

Photohoshop | Illustrator | 2015

Conceptual Sketches and Progress:
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